Hyderabad Hard Top

The most practical & best looking hard top for Mahindra Thar in India.

Thar Accessories

Additional Accessories and upgrades for the Thar

Hard Top Variants

  • Swing Open Rear Door
  • Reinforced panels for structural stability
  • Improved NVH for highway cruising
  • Superior paint finish

The Hyderabad Hard Top is available in four variants.


Front and rear opening roof panels

₹ 94,900.00

Price includes 18% GST
  • Available only in low roof model

With either front or rear opening roof panels

₹ 86,140.00

Price includes 18% GST
  • Available only in low roof model

Completely Sealed Roof Panels - High Roof

₹ 80,240.00

Price includes 18% GST
  • Suitable for bench seats

Completely Sealed Roof Panels - Low Roof

₹ 80,240.00

Price includes 18% GST
  • Suitable for front facing rear seats

Hard Top Features

Swing Open Rear Door The rear panel of the hard top is now integrated with the factory tail-gate; convenient for everyday use.

Ceramic Blankets No PU Puff between inner and outer shell – Ceramic Blankets are used instead. This allows for even finish without burdening the shells with pressure. The material is also fire resistant.

Openable Roof Panels Front Opening Hatch design changed; No drain holes required anymore. The drain holes entry and leveling was causing an issue for some customers, so this has been rectified in the latest version.

Salient Features

  • Three removable (two front and one rear) top panels, rubber sealed against weather and rain.
  • Concealed drain pipes between outer and inner layer.
  • Top constructed in two layers which are filled with ceramic blankets to keep weather elements and sound out.
  • Inner and outer layer highly reinforced for structural stability with integrated ribs.
  • For ease of shipment all panels fit in a 6 X 4 box or in the rear cabin of the Thar.
  • Once the 9 panels are assembled the top turns to a two piece one which can be removed or fitted back easily by anybody.
  • No paint required as the outer resin is matte black and the inner is light grey colored.
  • Two, fixed side glasses stuck on without beading.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Mr. Rahul

Cabin noise has come down significantly. It is almost like a car. No leaks at all even from the openable panels. It is adding to the looks of the vehicle. I would say it is a must buy for Thar. Openable panels are simply great to have. Overall, I am highly satisfied. Thanks to Mr. Prabhu and his team.

Desertfox (T-bhp)

No leaks, no cracking, waterproof even in heavy rain and very easy to take off the roof panel. No rattling noise from the fastners. Everything is absolutely fine with it and it is recommended to interested That owners.

Outstation Installation

We ship the Hard Top as a DIY Package with step by step instructions for installation on a CD, required fasteners, clamps and silicone sealants.

Installation Instructions


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